What I do

Feature writing

Whether it’s one person’s unique story, or a topic that affects the masses, I treat every story with the care it deserves. I always conduct thorough research and interviews and turn that into friendly and (hopefully) accessible articles.

Content writing and copywriting

I create newsletter articles, website content, thought leadership blogs, internal communications, user guides and more.

Personal essays

I’ve lived in quite a few places, worked in lots of different industries and have/had loads of hobbies. Personal essays are a natural way to share my insights and experiences with the world.

Creative writing

I also do a bit of creative writing–mostly creative nonfiction right now. I’m currently working on a side project that I might like to publish one day.

People always ask me what type of writing I specialise in. They are often baffled when I say that I don’t really have a speciality. When it comes to writing, as well as many other things in my life, I’m proud to say that I am a generalist.

Though I’ve been tempted, for ease if not anything else, to concentrate my work in a particular sector or style of writing, the truth is that I really don't want to. I’ve always enjoyed the process of learning and exploring no matter how frustrating that can sometimes feel.

When I became a freelance writer, I figured I’d apply the same concept to my work. Now, it’s my job to speak with interesting people around the world and create stuff with words. I think it's a pretty great gig. 

I’m proud to say that I’ve worked at the front desk of a hotel, arranged and sold clothes in a department store, taught English to children in Taiwan, been a Rotary scholar, a digital marketer, a digital inclusion officer and a technology business partner (all of which you can learn more about on my LinkedIn profile). I've lived on four continents and have played, coached and attempted to referee various sports. Without those all those experiences, I would definitely have a lot less to write about.

Have a question? Want me to write for you?